Loyalty Rewards

Power Points Loyalty Rewards

As of July 1, 2013 every $25 order will earn you a power point.  Collect 10 power points and receive a $25 merchandise credit.  Credits can be saved and combined however if you go over your credit amount you will have to pay the difference plus tax and 10% Shipping. 

Now the fine print, points are earned only in $25 increment.  Two points at $50.  Three at $75.  There are no partial points.  Hostess orders do earn a point.  Hostess rewards don't earn point.   Points are good for two years.  Please do no ask me to make exceptions.  Online orders will receive points.  Points can only be redeemed through me-Anne Power. Points are only redeemable on redemption orders.  Redemption orders will be placed quarterly starting in October of 2013.  If you are redeeming point you must do so in a redemption month by the 15th of the month-reminders will be sent out.

Place an order and start earning free product today!  Points replace an previous discounting policy.   Hostesses will no longer receive free shipping.  Points will be earned on Stampin' Up Specials!

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